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News coverage so far…

Some highlights include: WRC (NBC), WUSA (CBS), WTTG (FOX) and Newschannel 8 in DC, which features an interview with POLITICO energy editor Bob King about the week’s events, and some really great footage from the Mall. There are also several clips from Canadian TV, including CBC, which broadcast live from the Mall, CTV and Business News Network. All of the networks used (More...)

The Opening Ceremony of Reject and Protect

President Obama has new neighbors. This morning, led by 24 riders on horseback, the Cowboy Indian Alliance officially opened the Reject and Protect tipi camp on the National Mall. Surrounded by tribal flags, flags flying the family brands of Nebraska ranchers, (and dozens of reporters from media sources of every kind) they rode onto the (More...)

The plan for Saturday the 26th.

Friends, President Obama has delayed his decision on Keystone XL — but we can’t wait for action, and Reject and Protect will still be happening in full force over the next few days. Keystone XL poses a grave risk to our land, water and climate, and breaks long held treaties, and President Obama still has (More...)

Information about Uwita gathering at Green Grass, SD

Below find an announcement from Chief Arvol Looking Horse and Bobby C. Billie about a gathering in Green Grass, SD on April 23-26th which will also be advancing the fight against Keystone XL. Chief Arvol Looking Horse will be attending the event in Green Grass, not the event in Washington DC. We, the Original Caretakers of Mother (More...)