Duncan Meisel Duncan Meisel, April 15, 2014

Join us for a LIVE Facebook Chat to Discuss Reject & Protect — Wednesday, April 16th, 6–7pm EST

We’re hosting a one-hour Live Facebook Chat for Reject and Protect, on April 16th – 6 days before the encampment begins. Join inspiring leaders who are organizing the action, ask questions as we get ready to set up camp on the Mall, and learn more about what it’s like to face off against the KXL pipeline in the heartland. 

What’s a Facebook Chat? 

A “facebook chat” is a novel way to have a real-time, public conversation on facebook.  We will post a special meme on facebook on Wednesday, April 16th, and invite our featured guests and the facebook community to join us in the comments section of that meme for a 1-hour Q&A about Reject and Protect and the frontline fight against KXL. All are welcome to participate. 

When: April 16th, Wednesday, 6-7pm.

Where: The Other 98%’s Facebook Page – On Wednesday, Look for a recent Reject and Protect  image on this page, the chat will be in the comments section of that meme.

For more information, click here.