Duncan Meisel Duncan Meisel, April 23, 2014
Some highlights include: WRC (NBC)WUSA (CBS)WTTG (FOX) and Newschannel 8 in DC, which features an interview with POLITICO energy editor Bob King about the week’s events, and some really great footage from the Mall. There are also several clips from Canadian TV, including CBC, which broadcast live from the Mall, CTV and Business News Network. All of the networks used footage on various programs throughout the day.
In terms of online and photo coverage, in addition to the POLITICO Pro story this morning, popular local blog the DCist featured several photos from the opening ceremony and encampment, NBCNews.com ran an awesome photospread, and ABC News’ blog The Note pulled images from Instagram and Twitter for their post. Finally, The Center for American Progress Action Fund also made Reject and Protect the lead item in their daily Progress Report.