Duncan Meisel Duncan Meisel, April 30, 2014

The Reject and Protect tipis have come down from the National Mall, but we need to continue the work across the continent to stop Keystone XL and the tar sands.

In the next few weeks we will need to stand up again as big oil tries to keep pushing Keystone XL and other dirty energy projects. Here’s what’s coming next:

With President Obama pushing back a decision on the pipeline for perhaps a year, the immediate next step is to keep Congress from moving it forward. Congressional votes on Keystone XL are likely coming up soon, and in states where Senators are on the fence, folks are already gearing up to encourage them  to vote no on the pipeline.

But we also need to keep pushing the President to stand up and say no — no matter what big oil’s friends in Congress say.

Bold Nebraska has put together PipelineFighters.org, which makes it easy to tell President Obama to make his mark on history by rejecting Keystone XL with a handwritten note. Click here to send your message to the President.

On May 17, The Sierra Club is organizing a National Day of Action to say No to KXL and other dirty fuel projects that threaten our communities and destabilize our climate. We need to keep the pressure up and let the administration know that people all over the country oppose this pipeline.  Healing walks, rallies, and vigils have already being scheduled in dozens of locations, but there should be actions in as many communities as possible, in every state.  If there’s not an action already scheduled in your community, join with allies and organize one!