April 22-27, Washington DC

On April 22nd, a group of ranchers, farmers and tribal communities from along the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline route, called the Cowboy Indian Alliance, rode into Washington DC and set up camp near the White House to tell President Obama to reject the pipeline.

On April 26th, thousands of people joined them to stand together for a powerful message that the Keystone XL pipeline and the tar sands must be rejected — to protect this, and future generations.

What comes next.

The Reject and Protect tipis have come down from the National Mall, but we need to continue the work across the continent to stop Keystone XL and the tar sands. In the next few weeks we will need to stand up again as big oil tries to keep pushing Keystone XL and other dirty energy projects. (More...)

You were a part of something special.

Friends, This was a different kind of event: not a rally, not a march, not a protest, but instead a ceremony, meant to make a impression on the President’s moral center, and ground us for the critical weeks and months ahead. It was also an beautiful show of unity, not just by the Cowboy Indian Alliance, but from thousands of people from all walks of life who came to stand with them. (More...)

Thousands March with Cowboy and Indian Alliance at “Reject and Protect” to Protest Keystone XL Pipeline

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 26, 2014 Contacts: Jamie Henn, jamie@350.org, 415-601-9337 Jane Kleeb, jane@boldnebraska.org, 402-705-3622 Maggie Kao, maggie.kao@sierraclub.org, 202-656-4548   Photos: http://bit.ly/protectphotos   Thousands March with Cowboy and Indian Alliance at “Reject and Protect” to Protest Keystone XL Pipeline   Cowboy and Indian Alliance Present a Painted Tipi to the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian as a Gift to President Obama   Musician Neil Young and Actress Daryl Hannah join the protests   Washington, DC — Thousands of people joined the farmers, ranchers, and tribal leaders of the Cowboy and Indian Alliance for a ceremonial procession along the National Mall to protest the Keystone XL pipeline this afternoon. (More...)